The MEKST conference was born out of the idea to promote youth tourism in our country and encourage youth mobility in the region. For eight years, it has been offering its participants a space for sharing creative ideas, valuable experiences, for personal and professional development and getting to meet others – people, cultures, ways of doing business. In the past years, MEKST achieved its goals through educational, informative, entertaining and humanitarian activities. From 2018, in accordance with global trends and in response to market needs, we have decided to focus on another significant aspect of tourism development – youth employment.

To become competent, a tourist destination must constantly adapt to the needs of the market, innovate and develop its facilities, offer, services and staff. In the process, the central place is occupied by people, as a valuable potential and driving force for tourism development. This is why they need adequate education as future tourism workers and those who, we believe, will push the boundaries of tourism, both locally, regionally, nationally and transnationally.

Thus the idea of Career Fair was born, as another significant dimension of our event. Wanting to support young people in the complex story of tourism and hospitality development, our idea is to put MEKST, as a meeting place, to confront, those who have years of experience in the economy and are looking for skilled, ready-to-work staff, and young, creative and educated people who want to gain practical knowledge and operationally engage in tourism. In addition, we offer to the higher education institutions the space to present their study programs and to cooperate with potential partners in offering practical knowledge and experience to their students.

MEKST Career Fair opens the door to anyone who wants to think, talk, connect, and invest their resources in the development of tourism in a holistic, multidisciplinary way, as a global, multidimensional social phenomenon.

Participant's experiences

Danijela Ratić, Graduate in Economics

"Thanks to the MEKST conference, which took place in November 2017, I was given an opportunity to apply for a one-year internship program at the Premier Aqua Hotel. The program involves getting acquainted with the structure of the hotel's way of doing business through work in all sectors: housekeeping, F&B sector, reception desk business and sales, in cooperation with superiors in each of the mentioned sectors, who are in the role of mentors. In addition, I was given the opportunity to participate in the beginning of a new sector - the marketing sector, with a primary focus on digital as an indispensable trend of the new age, but also in never overcome PR activities."