SNT, Novi Sad

As the MEKST conference originated as an idea of ​​students, MEKST developed through years of work and effort advocated for students eager for knowledge, experience and familiarization, for their connection and professional, but also personal development of each individual.

MEKST conference, recognized the need to support ambitious and promising young people, and the main goal is to be the wind at the back of the new generations who are the future in tourism, generations that push the boundaries and are ready for great deeds.

MEKST Awards is a project that encourages young people from the field of tourism to work on themselves and yes constantly improve their knowledge and expertise in order to stand out, help the development of tourism, be rewarded for their work and given motivation for even greater progress




Conditions for participation: Try-out MEKST Awards

Application for MEKST Awards 2021 are open until 01.11.2022.