Organizing Team

What does a team mean? It is not just an ordinary group of people working together to achieve a certain goal. A team is a group of people with a vision, mission and goals. The team is the heart of the project, and the people on the team are its soul. A successful team consists of positive thoughts, support, the same energy, readiness to fight, learning from mistakes, day and night work, laughter, fun and finally friendships that arise during the joint creation.
The organizing team of the MEKST Conference has 18 members, who grow together with the event. MEKST team are young visionaries and leaders in the field of tourism and hospitality. Among the members of the team are professionals in the tourism industry, as well as students who are on the path of their development to become so. The MEKST team strives from year to year to meet your expectations, to provide you with unforgettable moments during the event, as well as to make you feel at home! If you have not had the opportunity to meet them so far, we present you the MEKST team!