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Don't miss the opportunity to meet world-renowned experts who will do their best to transfer knowledge from the most current trends, as well as answer to your questions.

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Acquiring knowledge from the renowned experts in the field of tourism, hotel management and marketing for young leaders and those who wish to become ones, exchange of experiences, networking and making friends are main motives which lie behind MEKST conference.

What is hidden behind this acronym?

M – Many thousands of students from fifteen European countries have visited this international conference so far. What makes this conference different from others is its goal to, once a year, gather young leaders in the field of tourism, hotel management and marketing in Novi Sad.

E – Enthusiasm of the organizers, lecturers and participants is one of the things which keep us going year after year.
K – Knowledge – conference as a type of public lecturing is the best way to spread knowledge and to simultaneously introduce a large number of participants to new trends in tourism, hotel management and marketing. Thanks to MEKST, many students and young leaders had the opportunity to listen to international experts for the first time and to acquire knowledge they would not be able get during their bachelor studies.
S – Students and young leaders just starting to acquire their business skills are ready to, using the new knowledge we provide for them, implement all the new trends they can learn about during the conference. Proper communication skills, marketing and PR skills, sales, tracking the trends in hotel management and market research are just some of the topics we have successfully been dealing with for nine years now.
T – Tourism and hotel management is the leading and the fastest growing branch of economy, worth almost eight billion dollars on a global scale. Tourism has been constantly transforming and developing which is why conferences like MEKST are the best way to track all the changes in this field and to create appropriate strategies for the future.

MEKST, i.e., The International Conference of Students of Tourism and Hotel Management has been constantly growing, as is the number of its participants. Here we are building a brighter future and creating new relationships!

All of this is what makes MEKST a unique event in this region and what makes us believe that the golden era of tourism in this part of Europe is yet to come!

The most famous names in the field of tourism, hospitality and marketing will do their best to pass on their knowledge to you!